Faculty Fellows

SLA CCEL AugustFellows_2aEach year a cohort of faculty are selected as Fellows who commit to creating or revising a course that will utilize the best practices of Community Based Learning.

Fellows receive a stipend to participate in a series of SLA CCEL CBLnametags1d.jpgworkshops on course development. They also gain access to ongoing technical assistance and modest program funds to defray costs associated with the course, such as transportation or supplies.

The 2018-2019 CCEL Faculty Fellows represent a wide range of disciplines including English, Business Management, History, Education, and Communications. Along with other affiliated faculty, this year’s cohort of Fellows will reach nearly 1,500 students in 25 classes and work with more than 25 local nonprofit organizations.

2018 – 2019 Faculty Fellows

Prof. Chris Algozzine

Department of Computer Science & Mathematics

CMPT 475 CS Project

Dr. Jennifer Robinette

Department of Communications & the Arts

COM418 Communication Campaign Management

Prof. Kate Chaterdon

Department of English

ENG352 Technical Writing

Prof. Alyssa Gates

Department of Athletics

PHED 310 Sports in Society

Dr. Joe Campisi

Department of Ethics

HONR 365 Ethics of Food

Dr. James Snyder

Department of Philosophy

HONR 365 Medical Ethics

Dr. Katherine Cary Trela

Department of Education

EDUC 374 Curriculum Strategies for Students with Disabilities

Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons

Department of English

ENG 301 History of the English Language

Dr. Melissa Gaeke

Department of Political Science

POSC 212 Citizens and Political Organizations

Dr. Daria Hanssen

Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences

SOWK 330: Social Work Theory and Practice

Dr. Carol Rinke

Department of Education

EDUC 323 STEM I Elementary Teaching

EDUC 324 STEM II Elementary Teaching