SLA CCEL wordcloud3dThe Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership (CCEL) builds on the College’s legacy of and commitment to volunteerism and offers students and faculty the opportunity to integrate community based teaching methods into schools and departments across campus.

Established in the Fall of 2014, the Center is committed to developing a new generation of civic-minded and service-oriented leaders who will make measurable difference in the community surrounding our campus. The CCEL serves as a campus-wide resource. Its director and staff promote the full range of the College’s civically engaged scholarship, teaching and service programs.

The central aim of the CCEL is to address important and emergent community social issues in partnership with students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders.

The goals of the Center are threefold:

  1. Formalize academic Community Based Learning (CBL) in schools across campus
  2. Engage in community building and strengthening of external partnerships to further the College’s strategic vision
  3. Stimulate the interest of students for careers in public service

To accomplish these goals, our core programming includes:

Community Based Learning (CBL):  CCEL Faculty Fellows and other affiliated faculty incorporate the best practices of community based pedagogy into courses across campus.
Tarver Summer Internship Program: Each summer, undergraduate students have the opportunity to work full time in area nonprofit organizations under the guidance of faculty affiliated with the Center. Each Tarver Intern spends 8 weeks working on a project that results in a tangible capacity building product for the nonprofit organization.
Public Service Speaker Series: To spark students’ interest in future public service careers, local civic leaders deliver on-campus talks that highlight career opportunities in nonprofits and public service more generally. These sessions enable students to connect their work to a variety of career paths.