CCEL and the Community

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.33.27 AMCapacity Building – An excellent way for a community partner to expand their capacity. Upper-level students with strong skillsets work as a team to create a new and specific resource for the community partner. Community partners benefit from having work done for them that they may not have had the resources to complete otherwise.

Thematic Research – A thematic research course can help a community partner learn more about their own field of work, or raise awareness about a particular issue related to their community. This a great way for a community partner to obtain new material to educate people about the specific local issues and impact of their organization.

Student-Planned – This helps a community partner grow in new directions, and expand their services. Students take it upon themselves to come up with and carry out new projects for the community partner that align with the partner’s goals. This is a great opportunity for the community partner to rejuvenate itself with new ideas, and learn about their organization’s capabilities new perspective.

Classic Service Learning – For community partner’s with big ideas and big projects, but not always enough people with the time to help out, a service-based CBL course is a huge help. Students will head to the community partner’s site, and gain hands on experience serving as volunteers for the community partner on projects that might’ve been a lot tougher without the extra help.

Exposure and Awareness – Community partners involved in an Exposure CBL course will raise awareness for the issues their organization focuses on. By inviting students to take a field trip to their site, or visiting the class as a guest speaker, the community partner can educate students as to why their course material, and these issues matter. They can also help students understand the benefits of getting involved in a community organization.

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